Episode 1

"took an L last night"

Episode 2

"only laughing because I just burnt my mouth on this pizza"

Episode 3


Episode 4

"no (wine)ing here"

Episode 5

"~ adulting ~"

Episode 6

"when bae acts like he doesn't know you"

Episode 7

"psa: my best friend is finally legal! happy ~ twenty fun ~"

Episode 8

"my heart is so full"


NOT LIZ follows the day of Liz, a hilariously delusional college junior, as she tries to piece together her night out with the help of her equally self-destructive friends, and cryptic texts from a mystery number.  In this 8 episode webseries, Liz drags her aggressively hungover self through monotonous tasks, while battling lethal drunk shits, run-ins with ex-boyfriends, and her own outrageously inappropriate mishaps.  Not a kid; not an adult; and certainly not the ideal version of herself; NOT LIZ captures the voice of today’s social media obsessed generation—trapped between dissipating youth and impending adulthood.

The 22 year-old award winning writer/performer, Liz Murphy, is the creator of this 8 episode web series.  The sample pilot is directed by Sweeney Killing Sweeney director, Lisa Aimola, and produced by Michael King, Mark Cary, Mary Conroy, and Emmy-nominated producer Kris Meyer.

NOT LIZ won the award for Best Comedy Script at the 2018 Independent Television Festival.  If you would like a copy of the scripts for business purposes, please contact.


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